The DOS Sewing 101

How To Make A Workout Skirt

Up-Cycling Your Clothes

Foremother Abigail Inspiration

How to Adjust a Neckline

How to Make a Light Sweater

Tribe of Asher Inspired Look

How to Change Velcro

DIY Fringes

Comfortable “No Elastic” Dress

Gadite Inspired Dress

DIY Breastfeeding Sabbath Garment

How to Cut Your Fringes

Single Crochet, Half Double Crochet and Double Crochet for Beginners

How to Make
a Judah Headwrap

How to Make
an Ephraim Belt

How to Clean Your Machine

How to Make Simple Curtains

How to Make a New Moon Embroidery

How to Make a Menorah Embroidery

How to Make a

How To Cover Your Cleavage

How To Make a Royal Wedding Garment

The Mindset of Sewing

Full Article Here – English

The Taste of Sewing Within The Truth

Full Article Here – Spanish

How To Make Curtains

How To Make A Zipper Alteration

All Was A Perfect Plan –

All Was A Perfect Plan –

Sew or Sew –

Sew or Sew –

Did Someone Say Sew?


The Fruits of Your Hands

Let’s Get Organized!

How to Make A Makeup Bag

How to Make A Long-Sleeved Hoodie

How to Transform Pants Into A Skirt (1st Example)

Sewing Article: Inspired to Sew
(English & Spanish)

How to Transform Pants Into A Skirt (2nd Example)

How to Sew With A Double Needle (Perfect for Sewing Fringes!)

Sewing Article: No Pants!
(English & Spanish)

How to Sew Fringes & Ribbon of Blue

How to Sew a Patch on Men’s Work Pants

How to Make a Baby Belt With Fringes

Tutorial By: Sister Shiphrah

How to Make a Little
Girl’s Dress With a Shirt

How to Sew a Simple Skirt