Nothing to Wear

Ladies, let’s be honest with ourselves. Prior to coming into the truth most of us wore pants on a daily basis; However, once we became informed of Deuteronomy 22:5 a change occurred! For some of us the transition from men’s apparel to proper women’s attire according to the scriptures (i.e I Tim 2:9) was smooth like butter. For others…well let’s just say it was easier pulling teeth from a shark. Whatever your level of intensity was it is important to remember that it is not the clothing that matters but your being obedient to the Most High. I have spoken with several sisters who said once they found out about no mixed fabric, no pants, no shorts, no skimpy skirts etc, went into full panic mode.

The top two concerns for most of the sisters I have spoken with were:

1.“OMG, I can’t afford a whole new wardrobe!”

2.“I don’t know what to wear.” 

So in this article we will discuss these top two concerns:

IOMG I CAN’T AFFORD A WHOLE NEW WARDROBE! Lets go through a quick scenario. It’s a beautiful Wednesday morning. You’ve just eaten the best breakfast and you feel great! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and you have finally come to the conclusion that it’s time to get rid of your pants and whorish clothing. You began to sort through your clothing and once you finished you find that you are only left with a few pairs of pants and some dresses that are either too short or too tight. You then go to check your bank account in hopes of just buying a new wardrobe when you realize that you don’t have the funds right now to go on a shopping spree…now you’re are back at square one. Sisters, I have personally experienced having a tight budget and trying to be lawful. It is a tough situation to be in, however, it is not impossible to do. There are several options you can take when faced with a situation where money is an issue.  “Affordable” is always the way to go as Israelite women. Since we are no longer a part of this society’s social trends finding beautiful clothing according to the scriptures and your price range should be your priority. It would not be wise to budget for name brand clothing if you are having financial difficulties. Shopping in clearance sections, online, and second hand clothing stores is ideal when trying to stay in a specific price range. The Salvation Army and thrift stores are a good starting point if your finances are in serious bind. I have plenty of beautiful garments that I have purchased at Good Will. Sisters, please keep in mind that you don’t have to fill your whole closet in one day. Try buying one or two skirts every other paycheck and before you know it you’ll have a collection going.  Remember, as long as the material is 100% you can always pull out your sewing machine and put your fashionista skills to work! Converting pants into skirts or piecing together different pasterns to make skirts is not difficult to do. I would recommend finding a sister in your area to spend time working together to create new skirts and dresses. If you do not know how to reinvent clothing Google and YouTube will become your best friends to locate a variety of websites and channels that have step by step tutorials for some helpful basics! If you’re still having trouble ASK one of your SISTERS online! After all that is the purpose of website.  II. I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO WEAR!


Be Modest! Be Creative! Be You! 1. Go through your closet. Don’t throw out or donate clothes that seem immodest on their own. For example, a deep V-necked shirt can be layered with a cute tank top underneath or a tank top can have a cardigan over it. If you can’t change it up or layer it to make it modest then get rid of it. Donate it if you can. REMEMBER, Layer your clothing! Do you have a tight long-sleeved shirt? Wear a loose sleeveless shirt over it as a vest. It looks really stylish when done correctly and keeps with the beauty of the female form.  2. What is comfortable for you? Does comfort for you mean dressing in a way others would approve of? Does it mean covering your shoulders? Does it mean avoiding clothes that cling to your skin? Is it covering your arms and calves? Figure out what makes you comfortable and feels right to you as long as you stay righteous with it. REMEMBER, just because you are dressing modestly doesn’t mean you have to abandon all hope of dressing in a unique and cute manner. You’re not doomed to live life in an ugly over sized skirt. Instead, look at this as a chance to get the style you’ve always wanted. Have fun with finding a classier and more beautiful you! Shopping for cool and modest clothing may seem tricky at first but you get better and better as time goes by. Pretty soon all your sisters will want to know where you get your clothes from! 3. Decide what mood you are in. If you’re happy and active wear something lively, classy, and springy like a belted floral skirt over a brightly colored beater with some sandals. If you’re tired and sleepy wear your favorite comfy over sized hoodie with jeans skirt and flip-flops or a cotton skirt and converse sneaks. REMEMBER, you can be both trendy and modest! For example, you can still wear the statement necklace and bangles with a looser shirt and a long skirt.  


4. Know your body type. Every item in your outfit should compliment you. Prepare for this in advance by making sure your wardrobe fits you well so that it’s easy to pick and choose outfits. If you don’t want to attract attention to your midsection wear a flowy top and cinch your waist with a high-waisted skirt. However, if you want to hide your legs wear a fitted one-shouldered top or V-neck shirt with a classic denim or maxi skirt. 5. Make sure you have timeless clothing items and basics in your closet. You should probably have every color of the rainbow in tees, v-neck shirts, and tank tops all 100% fabric. As for bottoms, you should always have a classic maxi or jeans skirt . In terms of dresses the black dress is never out of style and a signature long colorful dress is also a good idea. You could easily put different accessories together with these outfits and make multiple styles. Flip-flops, sneakers, boots and black heels are a complete shoe supply. Also, having one necklace that matches everything is your best accessory. REMEMBER, modesty is not fashioned it is a way of life.


 6. Make sure you wear the appropriate outfit. If it’s a bright and sunny day don’t wear a chunky sweater. You probably shouldn’t wear a sun dress in winter either. Make sure that you don’t wear anything inappropriate or revealing.


7. Be YOU. Straying away from your personal style makes you uncomfortable so make sure you stick to what you would wear comfortably and fits your body type. Never be a pushover to fit in or to look like everyone else for the sake of “fashion”. Know and show your own style and be confident in wearing your outfit! REMEMBER, wearing modest clothing and behaving with grace is a responsibility that starts from within, comes with practice and is a true sign of dignity. 

Fashion Tips

6 Tips to help you get your wardrobe right

  1. I buy a lot of my clothes from thrift stores. Sometimes I may find material that I like but the style of the clothing is ugly. If this happens, I would buy the piece of clothing and then alter it to my taste with my sewing machine. A great place to get sewing tips is YouTube!
  2. Whenever you’re shopping at thrift stores try going to stores located in high income neighborhoods because the quality of the clothing is much better. Often times you’ll find that high income area’s local retail stores will donate clothing that did not sell or is out of season.
  3. Don’t double-pattern an outfit. Two patterns in one outfit is nothing but tacky and crazy.
  4. If you feel uncomfortable wearing an outfit do not wear it under any circumstances. You’re not going to show any confidence if you aren’t confident with the way you look.
  5. Use caution with high heels. Heels, although extremely cute, will certainly be a regret at the end of the day if you’re not used to wearing them. Try wearing 1-2 inch heels if you’re new to it. Also, for the sake of comfort you can also try wedges because they are full flat bottomed but they still add height and elegance.
  6. In the world today where women dressing modestly is not the NORM be prepared for curiosity. Wearing modest clothing may invite questions from others and may attract discrimination from people who don’t understand your choice. Be firm in your faith and reasons. Take this as an opportunity to educate others and always have a flyer handy. It’s a sign of being a woman with a good moral character