I’m Late, I’m Late

By Adiya Israel (House of Officer Job)

How often are you asking ‘what time is it” throughout the day? Do you find that you are always rushing to complete a task or tasks day in and day out? That regardless of how early you wake to start the day there is never enough time? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then you may need a crash course in Time Management. By scheduling your time, you will find that instead of being busy you were productive, allowing you the time to complete more tasks. You may even find the time to include something that you really enjoy.

Time management is the organization and planning of your time allowed for each specific activity. Being able to mange your time will bring about positive results. There are but so many hours in one day, none you can get back once passed. Understand that time management is a skill and once perfected you will have a better quality of life.
Organize the priorities in your life: Create a list (spreadsheet or calendar) of what must be accomplished in the day, week, and month.
 Plan out your tasks: Delegate tasks, avoid procrastination, set deadlines, learn to say no, and track your progress.

Apply the following:
TM 1: Make time for TMH and everything else will fall into place. Matthew 6:33
TM 2: Plan but let TMH guide you Proverbs 16:9
TM 3: There’s a time for everything. Create a routine, scheduling time for each task throughout the day and for each part of your life TMH, your Lord, your children, the home, the body, and yourself. Ecclesiastes 3:8
TM 4: Don’t be foolish with your time, spend it wisely. Ephesians 5:15-17