Sirach 30:25

Healthy Eating

Servants of Health, Celebrating Women's Healing Role In Scripture

Servants of Health:
Celebrating Women’s Healing Role In the Scriptures

Curly Kale Super Salad


In this captivity, we have been taught that in order to live we have to eat; but actually we have to eat to live. During slavery, Israel (we) used to work hard labor from sun-up to sundown & that was our daily exercise to keep our muscles fresh and fluid. Today majority of our “jobs” are non-strenuous labor.

For example: have you ever noticed that after you eat a plate of “so-called soul food” you feel a sudden lack of energy and extremely drowsy? Where I’m from we like to call it “nigga-itis.” Believe it or not, it all goes back to what we ate during our captivity past and present, which we observe as being “traditional & cultural” today. The slave owners fed us the “leftovers” as well as the unclean meats. 

While those same oppressors ate the finest crops and healthy livestock.

Now today natural grown foods and meats are over priced and the GMO’S & junk/fast-foods are the cheapest.

Did you know that regular consumption of “soul food” without frequent physical activity causes obesity,heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes and has been a factor in Blacks and Hispanics often having a shortened life span?

What’s in your food?

Nutrients, toxins, and medicine. The nutrients get all of the attention because it’s mainly what the majority of our people are familiar with while we tend to ignore the other factors.


The body uses nutrients in three ways:
Burned as fuel.
Building material.
Provide regulatory functions.

While nutrients maintain our health, toxins disrupt our health. The medicine helps restore our health.
For example, pumpkin seeds have chemical agents that help get rid of worms. By understanding what’s in our food we can now understand the purpose of food. If you always find yourself getting a cold or some sort of virus that’s an indication that you have a weak immune system. That means you need to eat foods that boost your immune system. Citrus fruits, broccoli, spinach are a few varieties. For every sickness, there is a food that has medicine to help heal you.

We have to start examining ourselves as far as what we eat so we can become and remain healthy, & it will stop us from having different illnesses.

Do we really believe diabetes is something that “runs in our family” & hereditary or Do we believe our choice of diet and exercise play the major role? All diseases can be traced to toxicity, which includes all major degenerative diseases associated with modern living (cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, etc.). Rapid aging is side effects of poor eating habits because we aren’t getting enough vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to live (prosper in health).

3 John 1:2
“Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.”

What is considered a good diet? 

That could vary depending on your body type and goals. The ideal diet provides the proper balance of all nutrients needed in the cleanest and most digestible form possible. I’ve seen overweight vegans/vegetarians as well as overweight brothers and sisters who eat meat. Let’s be clear just because you don’t eat meat does not mean you will automatically lose more weight.
Because most vegans stop eating meat and start consuming more carbohydrates, an excess of sugar in the body provides food for yeast and other types of fungi. Excess carbohydrate consumption is more harmful than good; sugar turns into fat.

On the flipside you also have to give your liver a rest from meats as well.

A good diet consists of lean protein carbs form whole grains and good fats.

Do your best to select the cleanest foods as possible. Also think about what that animal ate before you eat it, I love fish because it’s lean and full of protein.