College Bound – Sis. Raina

Shalom, my name is Raina from the House of Brother Jacob Israel. For the last two years, I

have congregated with Israel United In Christ, and am proud to share some things I know about

enduring in the truth while in school. I am now 18 and have recently graduated from high school;

I am currently transitioning to college full-time…

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Scholarships for Judah

 1 Corinthians 7:31 

“And they that use this world, as not abusing it: for the fashion of this world passeth away.” 

Fact about “African Americans” & Education. Let’s change those statistics amongst repenting Israelites 

“Nearly half (48 percent) of all Black graduates owe more on their federal undergraduate loans four years after graduating with bachelor’s degrees, compared to just 17 percent of White graduates.” 

Tips for applying for scholarships…

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College Transition

Shalom, Israel! My name is Kristina, House of Officer Mattathias, ATL. I am 19 years old and currently a college junior at Augusta University. My major is cell and molecular biology, with a focus in pre-medicine. My goal is to become an anesthesiologist with a sub-specialty in pediatrics. I have been a part of IUIC since my freshman year of high school!

I like to think of college as a transition phase…

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College Bound

College Bound

Proverbs 16:16 King James Version (KJV)
16 How much better is it to get wisdom than gold! and to get understanding rather be chosen than silver!

Let’s prepare for college with a few helpful steps;
Start grooming your children early, grade 9 or lower. Other nations start as early as first grade. Understanding that education is a key part of the success for its nation. Determining a career at an early age allows for proper guidance and planning to take the right steps in gaining the skills needed for that career. This would include getting them into pre-college programs that will help them develop the skills to be successful.
Academic Scholarships and Tuition:
Many of our children are homeschooled and even with that they still will qualify for many academic scholarships. Search out what your town, state and government have to offer and take advantage. Tuition can get very costly so utilizing your resources will help decrease that cost.
Staying the course
Now that we have prepared the children for a career and have also found ways to fund their education, it’s imperative that once in their studies that proper guidance is given for course selection based on the degree they are looking to obtain to get the career they desire. A good relationship with Deans is a huge help. Having them explain the curriculum and the pathway to receive the degree will help avoid course overload and make the college journey a much smoother one.
Internships and Clubs:
After graduating from college, this seems to be the hardest time to get a job to start your career, so why is this? Employers want to hire someone with experience, but how are you to get the experience when you just got the degree? Internships! During your Sophomore to Senior year is the best time to start building that experience. Internships and clubs will allow you to gain access to the workforce of your field of study gaining the experience that employers want you to readily have after graduating.
Don’t Lose Yourself:
Staying grounded and being the influencer is also key in college. Knowing who you are and keeping God’s laws will separate you from the craziness of college. Sororities and other social groups have satanic backgrounds and will only lead to distractions from your goals of obtaining a skill to help build your nation.
College is a great experience when you can properly prepare. It’s a milestone in life that can propel you into a successful career and help you be a pillar to your nation.
Prayers on your journey; you are College Bound.