Tools to Trust in The Truth

A Sister’s Guide

By Sis Adiya Israel (House of Officer Job)

Trust, a short word and an easy action that we assume it’s capability should be just as easy to do. Trust by definition means (v): to believe in the reliability, truth, or strength of. Yet far to often we don’t pause to understand to whom we are giving such a small but dear thing to. Many times, sisters say things like “I can’t trust anybody”, “I don’t like being around a lot of females”, “they don’t talk to me so I don’t talk to them, they are in a click”. These are a few signs indicating there are trust issues; either due to experiences in the world or within the body. No worries, there’s help! The Most High God understood that we would have these struggles and has provided us the tools to trust in the truth.

Tool 1. Trusting yourself before you can trust others. We find ourselves doubting the very thing we are commanded to do, to Love God and then each other. Doing this allows us to trust ourselves and removes that fear and doubt. We can do this by following Christ’s example. Matthew 22:36-40
Tool 2. Learn yourself while learning others. Once repented you are a new creature. Not knowing yourself nor those around you and our spirits tend to gravitate towards like minded spirits. Just because there are things you have in common, take time to learn yourself and the other spirit, not being so quick to call the other friend. Sirach 6:7
Tool 3. Birds of a feather flock together. This is a true saying. Another reason why proving is so important and using the scriptures to do so is crucial. Sirach 6:17
Tool 4. Labor in this truth. Just like a bank we must ensure we are creditable. Consistency is key in all our works. When consistency is present trust isn’t far behind. Proverbs 20:11
Tool 5. Trust those that lead you. We could easily avoid a lot of mishaps and or gain the comfort needed by trusting those that lead us. Who better to help you avoid those that may not be in a position to have your trust than those that watch over the body. Hebrews 13:17
Tool 6. Check yourself daily. Besides The Most High, who knows you better than you? At times, we let our emotions lead us in our speech and actions, then in hindsight we end up regretting what was said or done; think before you speak and act. 2 Corinthians 13:5
Tool 7. Let go of the past. In our lifetime we have had experiences (good and bad) that we tend to forget the good and hold on to the bad. Allowing the bad to dictate how we treat others and how others may see and or treat us; forgive and let go. Leviticus 19:18
Tool 8. Effectively communicate. Taking things out of context is so easy to do. For an example WRITING IN ALL CAPS could imply the person is yelling. First gain understanding before assuming and or accusing. Sirach 11:7
Tool 9. Strive for perfection. As women we at times believe our friends should always agree with us. We never really expect correction and when it comes we don’t know how to perceive it. Correction creates perfection. Proverbs 15:10
Tool 10. If you talk it, walk it. Don’t just say what you are but be what you are and what you expect others to be. James 1:22
Tool 11. Don’t get carried away. Things are not always as they seem. Our thoughts will deceive us to think and believe things that are not there. Mark 7:21
Tool 12. Another mindset. When we have distrusting thoughts without reason we must instantly change our thoughts. Self-correcting ourselves constantly, ensuring we are keeping the love of our sister in mind. Wisdom of Solomon 1:5

Each of these tools were provided by The Most High to help us trust each other in this truth. That same trust will help us to not only prove our credibility to each other, but to the body and the building of our nation. By constantly examining ourselves by applying the scriptures and trusting the guidance of leadership while laboring in this truth.

The directions to apply these tools to trust in this truth are very simple, just; Read, Apply and Repeat.

Most High and Christ Bless!